25 replies on “RSL Soccer Tip: Punching the Ball (Goalies)”

  1. thankz so much i really need some tips to become better && people i know dnt really know to explain them selfs all they say is just do it
    its great to have this resorce to help me

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  3. Don’t tuck it in, that’ll break it.
    cuz if its in your fist, the ball will hit your fingers then smash your thumb…not good idea.

  4. ok, so how can u avoid breaking your thumb???

    by tucking it in ur fist or by not tucking it in ur fist

    pls reply quick

  5. instead of punching the ball, you could just push the ball down..that’s alot easier

  6. “be tough” is just wrong word usage…. you dont have to be some tough dude talking shit to everybody or anything.

    It’s much more appropriate to say to “be fearless”. Fight those strikers for those through balls, know when to close the angle or when to stand your ground… etc

  7. “Be tough”? That’s retarded! I don’t care how tough you are, you can cause permanent damage if you keep punching away balls with a broken hand.

  8. hes good he says some good stuff im a 16 yr keeper play with youth nationals and hes good… gd stuff

  9. guy below is 1005 you really need to tuck your thumb in if its coming in fast and it hits you wrong your gona get a broken thumb!

  10. he forgets to mention that u can |avoid breaking your thumb by not having it tucked in your hand|

  11. yes! that is the smartest plan for those….

    just know when to punch and bounce down
    i recently moved to the US from italy and i play for a shitty club team but ive learned most of what i know from Polisportiva Maddalena, RCD Espanyol, and UE Castelldefels

  12. Hey… its me again.. lol.. now that im a like 1 1/2 months into school ball, Ive learned more. if the ball is a hard shot straight at u, i bounce it down and catch it. If its neck and up, I Punch it over the bar/to the sides. The only time i use a palm is in a desperate situation to get the ball over the net.

  13. well you must remember that a straight shot that is too hard has to be punched. if you try to catch a shot going to your stomach you might spill the ball. and if you use your palms instead of punching, the ball gets less distance and you could have a nasty goal scored

  14. Goalkeeping is so much fun! Thanks for the video, it helped me out a lot. =]

  15. yea, that what i meant.. ( im only 115 lbs., so i dont got much stomach to catch it with.. lol)

  16. exactly.
    except you shouldn’t “catch” the ball with your stomach.
    i think you should catch it with your hands and tuck it into your stomach. that way, it doesn’t bounce off of you.

  17. Yea, I am only 14, and i never went to any special camp or anything,But i played for a rec league (i Play high school now), And i naturaly used my palm because, as u said, More control. I also never punch a straight shot, If its really that hard, I just catch it with my stomach.

  18. at around 2:00 min, when they show the free kick, the goalie makes a huge mistake by going out and giving the ball to the opposition

  19. Right, and I suppose your a great judge? Those MLS goalies are on-par with a lot of U18 and heck even some U16 goalies, some can be worse actually. I know Begovitch isn’t MLS (unless theres been a change) but if u looked at the work hes done recently (U20 cup) it easily is on the same level at least as MLS. WHICH IS BAD!

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