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  1. Genius.
    I’m blessed to be able to see him playing for Corinthians, my team. Moments that i’ll never forget.

  2. His major injuries were not 2, but 3 .
    The 1º: 5months (partial rupture)
    The 2º: 16months ( total rupture)
    The 3º: 14months (total rupture in the other knee)

    He had also a knee chirurgy at PSV times, because he had too many pro full games for a kid and the knee was “ko”… Ron stoped 5 months.

    And, in 05/06, an Atletico Madrid defender named Perea tackled him in the ankle causing a partial ligaments rupture: 3 months stop.

    Wish him a nice farewell in 2011.

  3. @Petenaldo With all respect to you and Palkogabor I think, that HosamBartR9 has a little bit better videos… but your is awsome too… but Hosam is brilliant in timing video with audio and I always love to see more videos like this one… Hosam, Palko and Petenaldo are the best!

  4. OMG AMAZING vid dude!! I loved it to pieces, I nearly cried too. I like the commentator thing btw..

    We should all appreciate that Ronaldo is the last of his kind and we’ll probably never see someone half his skills in another century. Happy birthday Ronie, you may leave soon but your vids will live on =)

  5. Asalamulaikum Hosam! I Really Admire Your Work! Seriously Its Awsome!! Thanks For This Vid Man!

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