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  1. @threechordking this was after her car crash <_< ....im pretty sure you wouldnt look so great after a car crash..

  2. No one can sing “Crazy” way Patsy Cline did. Lee Ann Rimes nailed “Blue” but I always wish Patsy had had a chance at that one!

  3. This song has always made me cry. I don’t know why…just so sad. 🙁 But I love Patsy.

  4. @razorramone63139 I was eating at Hardees the other day and I Fall To Pieces played, and just about everyone in the place stopped talking and eating and look up to the speakers. I looked out the window and up the heavens.

  5. She was Ugly Bitch. But Nothing beats that voice!!!!!! She will never Be forgoten,

  6. It took me many years to learn to like her music and now I wonder what was wrong with me all those years.

  7. Crazy is still the No#1 jukebox song in American and Patsy Cline is still the greatest singer of all time . a hundred years from now she will still be the greatest singer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wow beautiful song… today i listen to it on our oldies radio… can´t believe it´s 50 years old and yet i can´t get it out of my head

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