25 replies on “Ricky Martin La Copa de la Vida Grammy’s Live”

  1. weird, they panned over to jlo at these grammys and also at the latin grammys a few days ago, they should collaborate.

  2. and as soon as he was done with this gig he jumped on a private jet and flew to japan! his live was crazy! i love his book, im half way thru it!

  3. RICKY is the best, no oher artist have the charisma, stage presence and passion like Ricky Martin.

  4. I’m not one to dance, but this song DEFINITELY makes me want to get up and dance! I love this song 😀

  5. the spanish version of this song is so freaking awesome and damned Sony keeps taking it down.

  6. I totally remember watching this grammy….Ricky Martin was electric! He was the talk of the town for months – LOVE HIM. And the fact that he is simply gorgeous & hotter than hot + an amazing dancer makes me smile 🙂

  7. We love you Ricky thisnperformance will never be forgotten – and thanks for coming out to us – and giving us someone to look up to – you are the best

  8. I will never understand how the USA didn`t know ricky martin until that night

  9. @kurtlover98 I couldn’t agree more. Im hatin on Shakira cause I like her song too… but damn…. Cup of Live is just too perfect. This should have remained the official WC song forever.

  10. La mejor Cncion de los mundiales por todo : Letra , ritmo , sabor , ingenio , y porque ese mundial fue uno de los mejores de todos

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