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  1. @N2111985 thats a great idea.. if rugby union can hav clubs from around the world why cant rugby league?? we need to grow the game .. we gota expand to western australia n northern terirotiry an south australia.

  2. @asabra69 Its something Russell Crowe has been pushing for. Yeah its an idea where the best League teams from around the world eg. top 4 in each conference (Aus, Uk) play in a knockout comp in Vegas.
    Maybe Bon Jovi is there to help League break into the US (lucrative!) market.

    From an advertising perspective Jovi will help break down some barriers if trying to start a knock out style comp in the US. Crowe has made it clear this is what he wants to see from League in the future.

  3. @N2111985 this Champions League you speak about is that like all the Nrl Teams an Uk Teams Play each othere in some sort of Knock out Comp??

  4. NRL have some pretty big hits over the years with thier ads, still undecided with this one.
    Though having Rusty push for a ‘Champions League’ like comp in Vegas, this may appeal to the US and help TV revenue for the game and that can only be good.

  5. @sidsydney they had to make it short u cant do an advertising thing tht goes 4 10mins i like it n u must b a gAyFL fan or a soccer fan atleast we no wat advertising is n u r the stupid 1 baggin nrl 4 a great promo

  6. What a shot campaign. Nrl you can be so stupid at times. sack your marketing guys

  7. Bring on 2011 – Go the Raiders!!!
    Great commercial!! Makes me hang out for the first Friday night kick off even more.

  8. penrith (and several other teams) were in that for like half a second each, while the eels, dragons and roosters had about ten seconds each. complete bullshit.
    thanks for uploading though.

  9. mediocre. cant see fans singing this one. maybe if it was Queen’s “i want it all” More grunt like our game. like watching intro for friday night football or footy show. Hoping for a great season though. go STORM !

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