Manchester United Threaten Break Away over Overseas TV Rights

The six top clubs from the Premier League are threatening to form a breakaway and go on separate ways if the Premier League is insistent upon spreading the overseas TV money across the division.

The Premier league is already regarded as one of the Communist top leagues in the world, as the television money has been evenly spread out across the division. As a result, the Premier league happens to be one of the most competitive divisions of the world. It is extremely difficult to predict games every weekend unlike at the likes of Italy, Spain, and Germany.

However, it is understood that several top clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea are not interested in the league distributing the overseas TV many across the 20 clubs. The top clubs are demanding around 35% of the next deal for the overseas TV rights. Right now, it is being split up equally across the 20 clubs. The 35th share will be determined on the basis of league position. In order to get this as a rule, there needs to be at least two thirds majority in order to go through.

14 out of the 20 clubs have to vote in favour of this deal. At this moment, the likes of West Ham, Leicester City, and Everton are believed to be in favour of such a deal.

However, they may switch sides if they do not think a fair value is being produced. Even though chairman Richard Scudamore has been lobbying a lot with the top teams, it is believed that none of them are happy with having to share the overseas TV money. Right now, Premier league clubs receive more than £ 120 million each year as TV money. This has led to the Premier league teams spending record sums of money in the 2017-18 transfer market.