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  1. @DanielSteel True, but this is youtube. A place where people ranging from 5 year olds to 70 year olds come to watch videos. So when you see inaccurate things, just look the other way and move on. No need to make a big issue out of it.

  2. @PepsiiiTwiSt i’m not saying he’s a bad player. i went to this video because i was expecting to see “lee chung yong all goals and assists bolton” which the title of your video deceptively misled me to believe. and i refer you to my first comment which succinctly sums up my sentiments. this is clearly not a video of all his goals and assists.

  3. @DanielSteel Why are you here flaming? LOL everyone knows LCY is the star player of Bolton Wanderers. He doesn’t score much, indeed. But that doesn’t mean shyt because even MOTM isn’t picked from people scoring, but from people with good movements, passes, etc.

  4. @itwillbealright your grammer confuses me, am i stupid? or do you just type like shit.
    you’d say im stupid, but in reality…. Your english sucks

  5. @kevtherev4 it’s seems like a compilation of lee chung yung touching the ball a lot, missing the goal most of the time, or striking the ball straight at the keeper and once in a while scoring a simple tap in from 6 yards out.

  6. I’m a S.Korean girl and lived for 23yrs. Who would have guessed Korean football players playing in Europe. Besides, Jisung Park and Lee Chung Yong play real good and seems very modest. Cha boom is a legend but these young S.Korean players are so precious!!

  7. wtf all da strikers r wasting the chances!!
    wth is wrong wid them??!
    especially klasnic shit ass

  8. Soooo glad he didn’t go to Liverpool. Bolton is perfect for him. United should sign him . Great winger. Koreans are now rising in football

  9. @Raiyne324 HEEELLLL NOOOOOO!!
    He’s better off in Bolton. He should go to United or Tottenham

  10. @VampiricGoodbye think about it boy,
    if lee did moved,
    there would be less game plays for him
    in an interview he said he rather play for bolton
    then staying in a team’s bench.
    He needs more experience
    he can transfer later.

  11. he made a mistake against everton leading to a draw. i’m so sad, i hope he doesn’t lose confidence after that…. =(

  12. @Raiyne324 whaaayyyy he’s staying with us just signed his new contract til 2013

  13. i know this video is about lee but fuck me…klasnic wasted everything lee gave to him, the twat deserves prison just on being a horrible player nevermind for rape.

  14. Sad to see all those potential assists go to waste… I honestly hopes that SAF recognizes his potential and signs him… and gets rid of Nani… Yes, he’s been doing well for United leading in assists(i think), but he simply isn’t good enough to hog the ball as much as he does. He pretty much plays like ronaldo but like a miniture version of him… I just want to see United play a beautiful game and Lee has it in him! but then again I could also see him playing for the arsenals too 😛

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