26 replies on “Just Can’t Get Enough 2 Celtic fans v Rangers / huns – haa ha 20/02/2011”

  1. @MitchArthur1 When i see you celtic i go outta my head, i just cant get enough x2, all de things you do to me and all the things you say, i just cant get enough x2, we slip and slide as we fall in love and i just cant seem to get enough doo doo doo ………..

  2. its always a great atmosphere at celtic park theres no better place so beat it ya huns!!!

  3. @marcoriego1888 how am I racist timmy?,you sound angry,is it cause the English beat you at everything.btw learn to spell you ginger cunt.no one likes England hahahahaha who fucking cares,idont.no surrender

  4. @Andy1Cfc1 The only time you’ll ever see an atmosphere like that at Ibrox is in the Broomloan stands via the voices of the visitors! Otherwise you’d think they were watching a tennis match. In the mean time, I just can’t get enough!

  5. @supernottscountysoca haha keyboard gangster callin any1 a coward dats a giggle!! a huv tae ask again wtf r u dain commentin oan a fight u know feck awe aboot!!! n am a proud scot so a dnt no wer da plastic irish comment came fae!!! u r teams shite n everybody h8s u r country!!! again u r a rascist wee tit dae every1 a favour n gtf!!!

  6. rangers are shit. celtic has good supporters also saw it in Rotterdam a few years back.


  7. Neil Lennon has done what he has promised and that is bring back the thunder to Paradise.

    Win,lose or draw,Neil Lennon must remain manager of our football club and I am 100% behind him all the way,god bless you Neil.

    Hail Hail

  8. When do ye see ibrox wae tht kind of atmosphere NEVER! aha yass mon the hoops just cant get enough bhoys !

  9. @gallus1 There are few spectacles on the internet more pitiable than a Hun grappling a thesaurus with those trademark unopposable thumbs and shaking all the big words out. If you’re so concerned about Her Majesty and Her Money then support a club that pays HER MAJESTY’S REVENUE AND CUSTOMS its taxes. A specimen with a butt-fucking obsession as deranged as yours should enjoy seeing an Arm of the State giving such a disloyal and treacherous institution a good fisting.

  10. @dakcfc1888 And thats what you’re left with?…an argumentum Ad hominem remark. Typically RC….Thick.

  11. @gallus1

    Again, Speak English.

    Of course I know. Yid Army after all.

    Your arguments are so embarrassing. How fat are you really? LOL

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