24 replies on “James Corden prank calls the USA national team”

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  2. Yes I have laughed at many a prank calls. Love watching Fonejacker. I meant why was this prank call in particular funny?

  3. @stratocaster1986able Some people myself included find prank calls humourous especially to the American football team. Surely in your life you’ve come accross someone in your life laughing at a prank call?

  4. Hahahah;D
    he is SOOOO FUNNY;D
    love him..
    and for how ever calling him fat and un-funny , at least he got the success, and tbh even if he is fat SO WHAT?!, it wouldnt be right if he was slim, and he aint that fat tbh, ive seen fatter..and use are probs people how sit their no jobs..and are haters .. and i dont have a job im 13 LOL, but tbh give him a break!

  5. I don’t get it. Why does everyone love James Cordan? I really don’t see the attraction.. :/

  6. look at him moving his hands about like a post-2000 student desperately, and I mean DESPERATELY in need of an identity – when all he is a useless, talented fuck pot. CRINGWORTHY. YSF

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