Is Porto’s Andre Silva in the radar of Jose Mourinho?

Recent rumors have been emerging and linking the 21 year old Portuguese attacker of Porto Andre Silva with a possible move to Manchester United.

Even though Silva is very young, he is already being targeted by various European clubs and even being considered as a possible replacement for Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

If rumors are indeed true, Manchester United are in pursuit of Andre Silva as the youngster can fill in the role of Ibrahimovic when his time in Old Trafford runs out. Zlatan Ibrahimovic currently has a contract with Manchester United until the end of the current season but the Premier League club does have the option of extending his contract for 1 more year.

Andre Silva has recently been attracting the eyes of the world as Barcelona, Manchester City and Real Madrid are a few of the other major European clubs that have shown interest in the possibility of signing the 21 year old attacker that has scored 7 goals in 10 appearances in the Portuguese league, the Primeira League with Porto.

One of the biggest obstacles that Manchester United or any of the other interested clubs might have in attempting to sign the 21 year old Andre Silva is his release clause which is at around £51 million,any club will have to at least offload £51 million for the Portuguese attacker.

Whether or not Andre Silva does decide to leave his current club Porto and join any of the other previously mentioned ones that are believed to be interested in signing him, this is something that only time will tell but with the winter transfer window edging nearer and nearer it’s a fairly realistic possibility to see the 21 year player making a move to another club in the near future.