Inside The Pro presents: Stuart Holden

Born in Scotland and elevated in The united states, it is been a worldwide training for Stuart Holden on the soccer pitch. He recently returned to the Uk, to the town of Bolton, exactly where up coming season he’ll put into action every little thing that he has learned. Check out the video, get Inside of The Pro with Stuart Holden, and understand what it takes to contend at the leading.
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  1. @davidf4301 If Holden joined the Scotland National Team, he would of unfortunatly just rotted with the other Scottish players. The USMNT is a little better than the Scottish team. He had better potential in the US than in Scotland.

    Sorry, that’s the truth.

  2. @davidf4301 Scotland had the chance to sign Holden, and they didn’t. It’s their own fault for letting a player that good go. Maybe next time, they shouldn’t under-estimate the US’s ability to turn out good players.

  3. @lukestones912 True. I watched the Spurs v Bolton game, and he was very impressive alongside Muamba, although the whole team did well. Although not as good, he sort of moves like Samir Nasri, in my opinion.

  4. i follow bolton everywhere and this season, stuart holden is our player of the year so far!

  5. @dida1dida23 Probably wasn’t completely match fit from returning from his injury, but was still a better option then whoever would have replaced his spot on the roster.

  6. Stuart Holden is such a cool, fun guy. Wish I could hang out with him some day. oh well… he’s really cute too 🙂

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