Human Weight Lifting

Playlist Reside Day two- This was a entertaining, exciting day as we pranked YouTubers, had an epic all lady pillow battle, partied until finally the AM, and went late night time swimming. Comply with us on Twitter: Facebook: T-shirts Download finish song Free of charge: โ€ช
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25 replies on “Human Weight Lifting”

  1. Lol that happened to me once, i still had a tag on this jacket, and this mall cop asked me if i stole from a shop, but good thing I had a receipt to show em that I didnt. Man, hate when that happens.

  2. i wore jeans with the big MMMMMMMMMMMMM on my leg and i walked around school and no one told me ๐Ÿ™

  3. gina isn’t here real name she uses a fake name because she wants to become a teacher
    Stalker much?

  4. even worse is wondering why your pants feel weird all day at work only to fine out the sock monster hid some evidence in the pants leg.

  5. I walked around a whole day with new jeans, and it had this long ass sticker with my size on it..

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