25 replies on “FIFA 12 Ultimate Team – 100 and Out – Episode 1”

  1. i know its amazingly late but scoring with heskey is so much easier if hes the only striker like in 4-5-1

  2. i have had to switch to xbox coz of ea and… i have never been disconnected apart from once and it was him rage quitting

  3. gt my marlos for 55k on ps3 seen him go for 68k but nt gonna sell him hes a beast lol.
    PS do u get the loading screen glitch cause it is still happening to me like every 4 games it does my head in. still manage have 73-3 record cause im a stuburn cunt lol

  4. @NepentheZ please could you make a video on tips to trade,it would be a great help,i havent seen any on youtube 0f fifa 12, just asking keep it going bud, your amazing!

  5. It isn’t my fault though is it you “fucktard” it’s EAs fault, i’m not buying a new fucking router because they cant be bothered to fix it, go be a moron elsewhere.

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