(FIFA 11 UT) Wuffington’s Road To The Ultimate Team w/Live Commentary

MY FORUM: Desires People…. antofifaholland.freeforums.org Directors Channel: www.youtube.com Hey guys, its Mike. I hope you appreciate this video clip, this is Ep.3 of several much more to arrive! Please leave me feedback 😀
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25 replies on “(FIFA 11 UT) Wuffington’s Road To The Ultimate Team w/Live Commentary”

  1. Get Forlan, Llorente, Aguero, Reyes, Juanfran, Fran Merida, Raul Garcia, Suarez, Godin, Obradovic, Ivanovic, Milijaš, De Gea..

  2. @Mrkizzard No shit, I said “Erste Mannschaft team” not the fucking psn troll.

  3. i reckon you should get fred up front 🙂 hes cheap, brazillian five star skill, good in the air 🙂

  4. Yer deffo do a dual Commentary or il unsub lool im jokin but yer i would be better if u would do that good luck anyway mate.

  5. good game but why do all you fifa directors have to do the more complicated thing… like this guy was in the box through on goal and he tried to do the fancy thing and change pace and turn right to go round last defender when if he had just shot he probably would have scored. Also the reason that player was so bad at crossing because once again u turned onto his weaker foot so they are going to be crap! stop doing the fancy thing and just shoot you will have more success! well i do!

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  7. You keep trying long passes, yet you only have 1 player upfront. If you’re going to play 5 in the middle, get some strength in the middle, and pace down the wings. Of course, means you’ll have to cross ;P Sounds like you’d suit 4-1-2-1-2 to be honest.

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