For some reason there was no sound 🙁 Fifa eleven preview event, that took location at Gamerbase in HMV Trocadero. There had been PS3 and Xbox 360 setups but, due to coding troubles on the 360 edition absolutely everyone had to play the PS3 version. Feedback & questions are welcome. Please keep in mind this is NOT the last develop, so don’t believe this is the completed post. The teams offered had been Barcelona Real madrid Lyon Bayern Leverkusen Juventus Chelsea Also these will be the groups in the OFFICIAL demo that arrives out subsequent month
Video clip Rating: four / five

25 replies on “FIFA 11 – BARCELONA (Skema) VS REAL MADRID (Shady)”

  1. @MANU15Michael if i was a barca fan then kaka wouldnt even be in my list and xavi would be like 94 so im NOT a barca fan

  2. New glitch for Fifa 11 ultimate team. Go on this website and sign in, the page will then re-direct onto an EA page showing a fully in-form team. Wait 1 day and you’ll find Messi and Ronaldo in your trade pile along with 200,000 coins.

    I’m the maker of this glitch so sub when it works or inbox me if there are any problems. Only works for xbox 360 because of the recent patch!


    (remove the brackets)

  3. @juanmartinhernandez0 AND BUSQUETS 90 !!!!!!111oenoenoenoneneonoene, stupid barsa fan. BARSA SUCKZ. Messi 87.

  4. @TheCrazyturnip well, yes. but thats because hes not fit. and naaaaa, i dont think so mate. bale is good but not one of the beest in the world.

    i know football better than you know the english language.
    rooney has been hopeless for about a year now where as bale is in line for the pfa award.

  6. @TheCrazyturnip HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BALE! lol do u evwn no football or r u american. cause bale is no where near as good as wayne rooney… and ronaldo is nott better than messi…

  7. is that me or MAN UTD got fucked up on FIFA 11 , rooney looks slower and the whole team is shity

  8. @raydfbr i like how you underrate the madrid players.. ronaldo 92 Messi 91 Puyol 84

  9. HEYYY What parammeters do u use for installing fifa 11 demo for PC?? cuz i’ve tried so many times butt the game doesnt start !! :S

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