25 replies on “Drew Carey talks Seattle MLS on Late Late Show with Craig”

  1. @lucasfunkt after spending years in America, he lost some of the accent

    plus, he’s probably trying to be funny there

  2. @ytzuigt yess what barça does on the field.. just illuminating. Just all the precision one touch it’s all incredible. Can’t wait for the Super classico at the Bernabeu to begin. No Doubt Drew Carey will be at the game.

  3. 200€ for a one year membership with Barca?! God I love living in Germany… the prizes you have to pay in Spain or England are horrible. I pay 180€ for my season ticket…

  4. Football is the best sport ever and throwball can not be compared with the beautiful game.

  5. Iooked up the Seattle Sounders FC Attendance this year and wow its like 34,000……for a first year club and soccer in US. Thats just Amazing…..how come ESPN or soemthing dosent talk about it? is it becuase the Seattle Sounders FC outdraw Baseball(Mariners= 24,000) and baseball would lose credibility i9f the whole nation knows this?

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