Dave Matthews Band – Live 8 – Dreamgirl (2005-07-02)

Dave Matthews Band Live 8, Philadelphia Live Tv broadcast on BBCi, two July 2005 Setlist: Do not Drink the Water Dreamgirl American Infant Anyone Seen the Bridge—As well Much Live8: “Live eight was, and stays a brilliant second but what is a lot more crucial is the outstanding motion of which it was a aspect. This offers the poorest of the very poor actual political muscle for the very first time. It is this motion of church folks and trade unionists, soccer moms and student activists, that will carry the spirit of Stay eight on. It is this motion, not rock stars, that will make it untenable in the future to break promises to the most susceptible folks on this planet. That was usually why we set on the concerts.” ~ Bono www.live8live.com

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  1. @Chickenjuggle No thats his normal guitar, yu can tell a few ways but easiest is if you look between the 12th fret and bottom, on his custom theres a huge inlay of the word “GRUX” also a few of the other inlays are different. but the shape is the same and the wood type is close. also the fret inlays on the 3ed 5th and 7th are the same on both guitars

  2. Dave fans, this guy jameson posted a negative review about a dave show on blog.reviewartists . search it on google with the dave matthews band. read his dumb review and mo’s comments and respond. Lets show this guy that we support dave!

  3. @ankitlore He did reach to record quite a lot for the album, and it was used on the album 😉

  4. damn i thought i had it good………… the gorge is already good but all of them =( i wanna gooo

  5. what is a jamband? when i think jamband i think like g3. or like just a bunch of guys playing for fun. i guess i couldn’t think of another genre for them. but just a question.

  6. i remember when me and my friends traveled up 2 saratoga springs and we got 2 pound beers and watch this 2 get us ready for the show

  7. Probably not the exact same distinct sound… We heard that on the summer tour – Coffin plays differently

  8. abosolutely amazing sounds great hopefully theyll be able to keep their distinct sound witout roi. R.I.P Roi

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