Black Ops Nazi Zombie Gamplay, Guns, Five Map, Review, Unlocks,etc

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Video Rating: four / five

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  1. @Mill5160 Juggernog Gives you more help…… it takes like 7 zombies to kill you…….pack-a-puch Has your gun upgraded with atachments to your gun sometimes

  2. im such a dumb-nut for not knowing this but what does juggernog do and pack-a-punch?

  3. @mcsportzhawk Not free, but it opens all mystery boxes and you can use any of them for $10

  4. @mcsportzhawk no it allows you to get it for £10/$10 whatever currency and it also makes all the boxes availabe

  5. @mcsportzhawk actually it opens all mystery boxes for 30 seconds and slashes the price to 10points ea.

  6. @pivotmanify honestly people are you just doing this to annoy me…? can you not read? “Does anybody know what the “Sale tag” does? i’m think it makes it cheaper to buy things off walls and stuff but i haven’t checked that out. is that true or what?”

  7. IM NOT GONNA LIE. i was about to find another video when i heard him speak Italian

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