Andres Iniesta Goal !! vs Netherlands World Cup 2010 Final with 1-0 !

FIFA 2010 Spain vs Netherlands 1- Objective ! Globe Cup 2010 Amazing CELEBRATION ! FIFA 2010 Spain vs Netherlands one- Aim !! Andres Iniesta goal Spain Holland South Africa 2010 Globe cup ultimate eleven/07/2010 Spain Wins España Gol ! Highlights. … “Andres Iniesta Winning Goal” “Controversial Decision” “Spain Holland” “Andres Iniesta goal” “entire world cup final 2010” “world cup FIFA 2010 Spain vs Netherlands one- Objective
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  1. @19Maks94
    Hazard, Lukaku, Vermaelen, Kompany, Fellaini. Those are some exciting young players, especially Hazard and Lukaku. They’re young now, but when they hit their primes it will be like having Messi and Drogba on the same team, and Fellaini will be as good as Mascheraino.

  2. @twintwinboy7 Meh. To be honest, Torres has always sucked with Spain. He is best suited for long balls and counter-offensive play, not for tiki-taka.

    All he’s ever done is a goal in the Euro finals, and he’s living on because of that.

  3. i cried when iniesta scored… i was on the ground like a little baby laughing and crying (becoz i won 5000 US) and i have been supporting spain from 02

  4. @applepiehorn Wtf? Sergio Busquet ‘s was awesome – Reina even rated him as the best player, also Iniesta was involved with every goal Spain scored from the final group stage match vs Chile to the final.


  6. @Koopatroopa01 get lost it was offside the referee was for spain the referee shud be fired gtfo spain fucks spain only won with 1-0 all games holland deserved it WAY more and holland knows it wasnt a fair win for the spanish ppl

  7. @Koopatroopa01 Good comment man. Greetings from Spain for your great tournament and good luck for the next

  8. @raul2536 neither do the netherlands won for 3 goals fo difference. they only won 2 – 0 against denmark (in addition the 1st goal is an own goal rfrom denmark players) n won for 1 goal of difference in southafrica (either 1 – 0 or 2 – 1 or 3 – 2). they were better than spain as they have 1 more 1 goal of difference win instead of a 1 goal of difference lose n nth more than that, so buzz off~

  9. @Arsenal8Life yeah ? well…im not sure about Szcesny’s progress, but i agree that Fabianski is doing good, so yeah, there is not much space for new talent now in the top teams in the BPL so they should join the other smaller teams, and bring that team to the top, im sure you wnt agree cause your an Arsenal fan, haha, no offence, but it would nice to see other teams for once in the BPL, hahaha, thats my attempt at a joke, sorry if it offended you…:D

  10. @JubbaJabbaJingleJam I said 24 is too old because Wenger usually goes for younger players, that was just my hilarious joke, otherwise Akinfeev would be great at Arsenal, very underrated, Szcesny and Fabianski are doing pretty good at the moment so I can’t see Akinfeev to Arsenal happening at all at the moment

  11. @Arsenal8Life yeah, true that, dnt get me wrong, i like Arshavin, he is good, but he is getting old man, very old, so i think that Hazard would be a perfect replacement, thats why i asked, and yeah, 24 is too old for a new Arsenal player, ok then, what about David De Gea ? but since you said 24 is too old then Dries Mertens is too old then too

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