25 replies on “Abby Wambach at Home in Rochester – US Women’s Soccer”

  1. I have not explained well
    I said that FIFA has said that 2 years between the girls who play soccer will continuously increase
    is a good news

  2. I think it’s cute the way locals give a little shout out on here. I’m not a local per say, but I am from upstate NY. That aside, I just want to say Abby rocks. Keep kickin’ ass, grrl!! Yeah!

  3. i love wambachs, they got the best ice cream ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live right down the street . Hi

  4. 2 years between the fifa has drawn that the girls will continue to increase as we almost beautiful male

  5. That’s what I hear, but it is internet gossip after all. You pretty much have to take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

  6. Is it true that Abby’s girlfriend is Megan Rapinoe ? Gotta love internet gossip!

  7. Woow … 13 hot dogs in 5 days … How can she run after that ?! haha
    Thank you for anwsed me tamy101 =)

  8. Abby actually said, “I’m not kidding” refering to her eating 13 hot dogs in 5 days.

  9. she says “I’m not killing” why ? what deos she say before it ? I’m french I don’t undrestant what she say, could somebody tell me about what is she talking before saying “I’m not kiling” pleaaaase

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