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  1. @JohanCruiijff I heard Franz Beckenbauer say that you and your fellow Dutch Soccer players like too screw fat Polish woman doggy style and wait for them to Kutscheet.

  2. after watching the old world cups its incredible how this tremendous team does not have 1 cup to me it looks like they have like 10 cups… LETS GO NETHERLANDS!!!

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  4. & I Love so much this video (like all true fans of sport an football I hope) because in this hight level, the Dutchmen players are not players of football but true Artists !! ^^ 🙂
    I remember to me few of this WC1974 (I was 6 years old in 1974 ^^)

  5. @anascimento
    Sure in1974 Holland deserved to win the final, it was the most beautifull team in this final vs Germany
    But it is the competition & sport : It is not always the best who win in the end (like France deserved to win the final in the WC2006 because France was best than Italy… But France lost in the end ^^)

  6. @Hamzah41081 Hamzah, You are the new Nostradamus! Your predictions shall be true!

  7. When football becomes art, it transformes into a beautiful field of grass with flowers dancing in the wind. One day Holland will win the World Cup playing beautiful possession game and the players will be like flowers dancing on the field. Just like 1974
    Long live Possession Game, long live Total Football & Tiki Taka

  8. @anascimento Its not all that bad Anascimento, We are world champs runners up.
    We beat all the great football Nations in big tournaments.
    2-2 against Brazil in WC plays.
    Legendary win against Argentina (Bergkamp).
    And beat the Wc winner and Runner up in 3 days time in the EC 2008.

    We might not win it, but we scare everyone.
    Check out Holland – Sweden,.. latest masterpiece

  9. wonderful football The team that will be forever in our memory! Thanks Holland!

  10. @santicharrua haha your a total idiot! do you really think there issnt prostitution Spain? Your dont like use because of 2010, we dont care. Spain played barca-style introduced by..? -> Cruijff!

  11. @ravaefava1 yes and the funniest thing is 6 uruguyan players dont have a idea what happening they all are offside haha

  12. willem van hanegem’s vision and passing accuracy is BETTER than every player whos playing 2day! xavi , fabregas etc etc

  13. wow so exciting!!amazing video,made me cry so many times.
    Love this country,love this team and love their football style and their tradition!
    god bless Netherlands!
    Greeting from Israel!

  14. You can see the ten Dutch players at 0:14! That’s what I call “offside tactics”!

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