25 replies on “Vuvuzela Concerto in Bb”

  1. @jaw1024 I think options for a diminished chord, 9 chord, or 7 chord should be available

  2. What they should have done is make 3 sorts of vuvuzelas, one in Bb, one in D, and one in F so it makes a chord 😀 maybe Db ones for your opposing team is winning 😛

  3. @ArthurStephenHicks Yea, not working. Still sounds like bumblebees are about to attack

  4. @chocoholicchic92

    listen for the subtleties as the piece goes on. you start to pick up on a high pitched harmonic overtone. it’s sort of magical.

  5. Hahaha yeeeaaahhh… This music is wrong… It should be written one octave lower. Pretty hilarious screw up 🙂

  6. Win. Vuvuzela concerto in B flat? That’s the only note they play! Lol! I love vuvuzela comedy!

  7. LAMMMMEEEEE! How can that be called music, seriously? That is just irritating sound. Ugh. My ears! I don’t care if it is “21st century” music or whatever, it brings a whole new definition to minimalist, and I hate it. Argh!!

  8. if the vuvuzuela is notated in Bb, then why is the note held not a C? that’s just incorrect.

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