U-Kiss – Man Man Ha Ni MV (English Sub)

Could it be! could it be! another idol band!!! LoL~ “gentleman guy ha ni” implies like…when an individual is seeking down at an individual. so the word could indicate ” insignificant, easy to defeat, glimpse down upon” and these… It’s tough phrase to sum it up in 1 phrase. I guess allkpop made the decision to stick with original title. U-KISS Alexander physique: 5’11, 144lb, O hobby: film, music, photography expertise: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, rap Kevin (Woo Sung Hyun) born: eleven.25.1991 Physique: 5’10, 122lb, O Eli (Kim Kyung Jae) born: three.13.1991 physique: 5’11, 131lb KiBum (kim Ki Bum) born: 12.29.1990 physique: 5’11, 128lb family members: more youthful brother of Kim Hyung Joon(I think Hyung Joon is ss501 member) DongHo (Shin Dong Ho) born: six.29.1994 physique: 5’10, 145lb, B hobby: golf, songs, looking at talent: chinese, soccer motto: reside the daily life of truth religion: christianity SuHyun (Shin Soo Hyun) born: 3.11.1989 physique: 6’0, 147lb, A hobby: music, workout, personal computer game expertise: dance, soccer, piano, R&B personality: bright and satisfied motto: no these kinds of issue achievement without having discomfort Lee Ki Sup born: 1992.
Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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  1. I think NH media should have just added two new members on top of the original 7.

  2. @Animefan9865 haha you’re right u-kiss won’t be on the top agin like they did on the original!hmp>.<

  3. i miss the original u-kiss badly.I cry always when I watch their videos together.I’m still trying not to think of them again bcoz I always cry but still, I cant…As a fan it hurts me so much…DAMN YOU NH MEDIA!

  4. Why did my two favorite members have to go? TT_TT Damn you NH media!!!!

  5. And we thought it was awkward when Kiseop didn’t get many lines. Hopefully he takes over Ki Bum and Xander’s share and the two new guys get NOTHING. *lol pouting*

  6. Can you guys imagine U-Kiss performing Man Man Ha Ni, Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up, Not Young and their other songs without Xander and Ki Bum? :'( It’ll feel so empty …

    I miss you Xander and Ki Bum! <3 I miss the "ORIGINAL" U-Kiss. *sigh*

  7. wtf is with this bs bout members quiting?!?! i never heard, well no shit i just became a fan of u-kiss, & this happens 🙁 uggggh <|3

  8. what!? i didnt know xander and kbum had to quit or whatever :(((((( why 🙁 WHY i love xander

  9. @NhixLizz I guess so, U-KISS’ story is common in the industry.. but still, as a fan, you’d feel things have been unfair… when U-KISS became 5, I just felt that U-KISS is dead… I’ve lost interest on knowing who the two new members are and I’m no longer interested with U-KISS if Kibum and Xander aren’t there anymore… U-KISS will always be a 7 member group for me :'(

  10. @jadenalexis820 I know how you feel and I understand it.. It makes me sad too, and it hurts :S But we can’t do anything, the company was too sneaky to reveal everything when the contract were canceled.. If they said it before maybe we could stop it..? However almost every company sucks. They just need money :S

  11. @NhixLizz I am aware that U-KISS owes NH MEDIA for managing them… but still, I feel sad since U-KISS were the ones who made efforts on how to compete with the other bands and still they were betrayed even by their own company… it makes me sad 🙁

  12. @jadenalexis820 That’s what all Kiss Me-s said, but without NH Media there was no U-Kiss ..

  13. @NhixLizz I guess so.. and knowing that really angers me.. I mean, despite 2 years, at least U-KISS is very persevered to be number one even in a slow way and I think they were doing well… but kibum and xander out of the group made U-KISS start from scratch again… it makes me think that NH Media wants “immediate” success rather than a slow one… didn’t they think that U-KISS in the “getting to the top” stage already? if this is the way they think, then U-KISS don’t deserve to be in NH Media

  14. @miger224 Kibum and Xander did not leave the group. They were force to quit, by non other than their fucking entertainment, which is the fucking NH Media.

    I really really wish NH Media go bankrupt!!!

  15. @jadenalexis820 Yup, you know that U-Kiss is more than 2 years and they’re not succesfull in Korea, so the company wants to change members to make U-Kiss better to win number one on music charts… I don’t know but I felt more that the company used Kibum because his brother is popular you know..

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