Soulfly – Brasil

I DO NOT Own ANY Aspect OF THIS SONG, BAND OR ALBUM. It is owned by WMG [+ english translation] Vamos detonar essa porra – let us detonate this shit Vamos levantar poeira – kick the dust substantial Vamos arrasar – let us kick ass Vamos arregaçar – let’s fuck shit up Vamos detonar essa porra – let’s detonate this shit Vamos rasgar o chão – let us lower the ground Levanta mano, então – get up brother, c’mon Vamos detonar essa porra – let us detonate this shit Vamos detonar essa porra – let’s detonate this shit As casas – the homes As cidades – the cities As calçadas – the sidewalks As mulecadas – the street youngsters As esquinas – the road corners Os buracos – the holes Balas perdidas – misplaced bullets Os telhados – the roofs No Minhocão – well-known tunnel in downtown São Paulo A multidão – the crowd Favelas – slums where most very poor folks reside Galera – soccer crowds Na madrugada – right after midnight A gingada – a normal dance/fight from the north E’o Brasil – this is Brasil Pais porrada – hardcore nation Os butecos – the bars O concreto – the concrete As raizes – the roofs As cicatrizes – the scars O Cristo Redentor – Christ the redeemer (renowned statue of Christ in Rio De Janeiro) O sol nascente – the rising sun Salvador – money of Bahia (North of Brasil) Nas Gerais – Minas Gerais (the state where Max was born) As catedrais – the cathedrals Pelourinho – well-known previous slave square in Salvador Aleijadinho – crippled sculptor popular for the 12 prophets statues in Ouro Preto Na Baixada – a single of the

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  1. @tustao wtf is ur problem? eo amo brasil demais, mi familia viva en porto alegre. cool down man

  2. @UnaDrinaNeretva FUCK YOU! Brazil has his problems yeah, but at least we’re not hated by any kind of country. Or even our buildings are not targets to air planes. So, dude. FUCK YOU.
    I’m a brazilian, i don’t have pride for being a brazilian but i hate when someone say stupid things about Brazil.


  3. @UnaDrinaNeretva yes i am from italy ,naples …i went with several brasilian chicks ,and i can understand perfectly what u are sayin’ man ..and i gotta say …they rule ….nothing compares to them …italian gals ??? what ??? w o brazil hehehe ciao !!

  4. @rihirdo cool! r u from europe? here in holland Brazilian women are very very famous! I only ‘tasted’ one and it was the BEST THING that ever happened to me in my life !! hehehe

  5. @UnaDrinaNeretva never been in the south …but i gotta say i enjoyed very much the nordeste …..i was in paraiba state to be exact…the next time i’ll go to Rio ….w le donne brasiliane !!!! 🙂

  6. @rihirdo but Rio is still the PROMISED LAND! its an very beautiful city, very beautiful nature and SUNNY, ocean and great food: and my ultimate passion: muljeres brasileiras!!! brazilian women are like german cars or japanese hightech: THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!

  7. @UnaDrinaNeretva U are right man ..just came back from Recife ..very hot and nice girls !!!

  8. Yeah it’s raw there. Then again, South Africa has the highest peace time ratio… and let me tell you, it’s wild there!

    Us doesn’t know a damn thing

  9. Brazil is the most violent country in the world USgangs are a joke compared to the brazilian gangs. I hope to be in Rio in 2014 with the World cup. Brazilian women are the most beautiful women in the world!!! this is a fact!!!

  10. a better definition:

    if you aint don´t understand, porra in this music is like shit, in the expression: “this fucking shit”, specially in the phrase “vamo detona essa porra”. A simple translation can be: lets rock this fucking shit! or only “lets rock this shit”.

  11. Olá,

    did you want to say porra? in portuguese and specially in this music of soulfly, this word means like “fuck” or “damm it”

  12. @BeachDude0092 what does the word mean? is it a curse like fuck or maybe it means amen?
    Boha! it appears in lots of their songs.

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