Ronaldinho||Cant Be touched||[HD]||

This is about Ronaldinho Expertise and Gift with a ball!! This Display that No person Can Take care of His Capabilities!! Make sure you Price Please Leave a comment And Make sure you Subscribe This Is My BackUp channel Becuase My Other Channel ARRonaldinh01O Has Two Strikes In it is in jeperdy of get eliminated so it would make sure you helpfull and apprecieted if You Subscrie this Channel In My Origanall Channel Oh and Appreciate the Video By ARRonaldinh01O

25 replies on “Ronaldinho||Cant Be touched||[HD]||”

  1. ronaldiniho is a class player he’s always smiling his skill is amazing and he is a fair player cristiano ronaldo is none of that

  2. @degrad94 nonsense look at backam he went to usa where football is a shitty sport but now he is back to Proffesional football at spurs 😉 wish that dinho will be back to europe

  3. i like him n i hope he can bthe best like before and can be better than c. ronaldo(the perfect player..i love both of them

  4. @hipis78 yes but “only” 3 or 4 years. He could be best longer, huh? I am his fan and I hope than he will be still so good but that is impossible 🙁

  5. 1:05 – unbelievable trick!!! i never see some like this!!!!! Ronnie you are best! Why do you not train harder? you will be LEGEND!

  6. @7johncenafan7 Yea i like how Ronaldinho keeps running without the ball unlike C.Ronaldo He doesnt quit when he doesnt have the ball.

  7. @LethalSystem I agree Cristiano Ronald hasn’t matured enough unlike Ronaldinho which has more experience. Cristiano is the prime of his life so he is caught up in being the person who every thinks can juke anyone.If he passed a little more and let his team mates score then maybe but still not as good as Ronaldinho

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