25 replies on “Ron Atkinson v Richard Keys”

  1. Love anyone who has a go at that Scottish cunt, Gary Neville is the manc devil. Hate the Scottish cunt. I like Scotland though

  2. questions , will this linesslut were a thong for the next game, did she have sex the night before? why isnt she wearing make up for the game,will this bitch ref wear skirts, if she wear shorts she must have fishnet tights on.why isnt she allowed to give head to the crowd.. does she do dogging.why she wasnt wearing pink ref top, does she have pop socks,does she shave ,how fast does her head bob,are ur nipples erect, basicily GET YOUR TITS OUT FOR THE LADS is all she will hear from the men

  3. Ron did have a point though, Gray and Keys do just sit there and play with those ‘silly little machines’ even to this day

  4. this is fucking legend. ron absolutely ripped richard to shreds. and then he makes those machines look like not rubbish

  5. he had a point though how could he have a go at the players if the goalkeeper of the opposite team gets the man of the match award.

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