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  2. @XiaoDengLi Before u give stupid answer like tis get ur fking facts right
    WWE is entertainment purpose so wads its fake????
    Some other show are fake 2

  3. Matt Striker was the worst announcer! He made up a name for every move it was annoying as shittt! it was like a 10 year old on commentary!

  4. didn’t elix skipper have his finisher called the play of the day, which was actually the same as the playmaker (overdrive)??

  5. The play of the day sounds like a commercial youd see right after the NFL

  6. @crunchzor no he’s not retired wwe wasn’t using him so he left, MVP is going to new japan pro wrestling!

  7. The Play of The Day was first used by Shelton Benjamin called the Pay Dirt, then after Shelton got released M.V.P. took the move and named it The Play of The Day, AND Then M.V.P. asked for his release where R-Truth started using it and its called the Whats Up. Im goin to edit what StalwartPerception said now;
    R-Truth: yo MVP, Shelton
    MVP: whats up
    Shelton: yo
    R-Truth: watch my match
    MVP: ok
    Shelton: ok
    R-Truth: Whats Up / Pay Dirt / Play of The Day
    MVP & Shelton: WTF!!!

  8. @Bobertawesomeful yes it call the 305 b4 tat it was call the play of the day it only call 305 after mvp change song

  9. @JYC316 I’m not sure but all I know is that elix skipper used it in tna when he was there and wwe stole it

  10. the paydirt – another thing MVP has stolen lol that’s a jk before people start bitchin

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