25 replies on “Matisyahu – Jerusalem official Video”

  1. Jerusalem will live forever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!! And it will never channge its name. It will always be Jerusalem.

  2. @FD4Drummer Of course Israel is < 1% of the mideast. Its not even very good land. Its not like they want part of Saudi Arabia with all that lovely oil. And we know how much the Arab world loves the Palestinians. They love to use them.

  3. Auch wenn ich nicht glaube das es einen Gott gibt schließe ich mich doch dem Lied an und hoffe das eines Tages Frieden herrschen wird. Nicht nur in Jerusalem!

  4. sad how this song is all about love and coming together, and all i read here is hatred.

  5. @FD4Drummer
    du hast ja so recht
    alle leute egal welcher religion angehörend sollten in frieden mit einander leben können
    dies ist leider nicht überall so 🙁 aber man kann hoffen
    peace and happines to all 🙂

  6. @schopenhauer4711
    haha i would like to know who YOU are , you seem to be a very inteligent person .
    you are right , jewds are really smart but every “sand-nigger” is thousand times better than you.
    Better stupid and peacefully than smart and violent 😉

  7. you arab bastards!!!!!!!!albert einstein,nils bohr,franz kafka;s.freud,karl marx and more and more are the greatest of human history!!!!!!!!!!and you are fucking your donkeys
    in the desert.you fucking sand- niggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @schopenhauer4711 f*ckin’ jew 🙂 the arabs will rule the world.. hopefully you’ll live to see this 😉

  9. was für komische leute sich diese lieder anhören, es geht hier um die verheerlichung Gottes und dann kommen spackis die hier vom töten reden .

  10. “destroy arabia”? thats a argument for youre stupidity
    i am an arab and i have nothing against jews, we pray to the same God .
    If Muslims say they hate Jews, so they mean zionists , the people , not the religion.
    the israel government is to avaricious,they want the entire country. How we could accept this? soo now we must go and live without a home? Oh yeahh thats deserved -.- in the time before israel was founded the Jews and Arabs lived in peace between each other,they create the hate.GEILES L

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