25 replies on “Marcelo – The Destiny 2009/2010 HD!”

  1. he plays left defender am i right? if yes, then Lol Because he plays like a Striker ( in a good way )

  2. @mordekaiz. are u crazyyyyyy?? he lacked defensive skills but he was 18 when he joined, under mou he looked way better defensively.His positioning is way better . Marcelo brings so much to madrid left side. he distroys defensnes (eg dani alves in classico) he also had most assist for madrid last year and second or thrid most in league. once he keeps inproving he will be a madrid star . mordekaiz you are wayyyy to harsh on this kid.

  3. @tooktooklook they lose the C.L bc of he didnt know what to do with the ball bu him self. xD

  4. Puts esse Marcelo é muiito gato!!!
    Os jogos da seleção serão bem mais interessantes , agora com ele…

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