25 replies on “Landon Donovan on Playing with David Beckham”

  1. you can tell hes pissed at how he goes onto the show for an interview and they are asking about becks lol

  2. @mjmichu Well when you do a field goal, or whatever those are called.
    But yeah, “soccer” is football!

  3. Donovan e Beckham, os melhores futebolistas da língua inglesa! : D
    by: Brazil

  4. @mjmichu It’s based off rugby which was called team football which does use their feet a good amount. Soccer was called association football and the brits started calling it “soccer football.” We adopted it from them.

  5. @AdmiralKumar i gotta disagree the highest rated team in mls is 2 and 1/2 stars

  6. @albeesko he has played for everton and there are a few tames that want him

  7. Donovan can’t play he sucks if Donovan is as good as people say why ain’t he ever been in a club out of the us

  8. Landon Donovan is playing very vision of the game
    Look at this video this guy plays well

  9. @guy2008rules word mls soccer which what they call sucks only good teams is la gaxlay and red bulls but i like national team

  10. @RicanX5, American football is the worst kind of football EVER!

    The two best are Soccer and Rugby PERIOD.

  11. @guy2008rules nfl? you mean FOOTBALL right? nfl is a league, soccer sucks btw dumbshit

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