25 replies on “French journalist says F-word on ESPN”

  1. This is beautiful. I think we all appreciate the frankness of his comments – LOL!!!!!!!!!

  2. If the French are truly ashamed of their soccer team or Raymond Domenech, they would call upon their president and insist he apologize to Carlos Alberto Parreira AND also the citizens of South Africa, all of whom looked forward to hosting the French team and their fans during the 2010 world cup.

  3. Lol they were showing group “F” on the ticker while that happened lol

  4. why the fuck do people care if someone says the fucking f-word on the news…it’s in every fucking movie about 50 times and in most music…for fucks sake.

    (pardon my French)

  5. USA fight every second of the game and their amazing determination and self belief is plain for all to see. Well done USA. True grit like no other. Your fans and players show it. Self belief like no other nation. Inspiring to watch. Clint Dempsey is the most underrated soccer player in the world. His shots at goal are just out of this world. The World cup has just got much larger. Well done USA.

  6. i think he said “go to freak yourself” which isn’t so bad….haha gotta love those crazy french

  7. @Dannypuck Remember 2-11-2009 : Eire/Georgia : was the penalty fair ? You will be punished where you sinned ! And somewhere Georgia tells you to STFU !

  8. My national team has imploded, I dont think we needed that to show how ridiculous we are… oh yes, well, I’m told this is just one more example.


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