25 replies on “Dominic Monaghan Hates American Idol”

  1. Love that guy….and that is one of the NICEST FREE WILLIES I’ve seen in ages! 🙂

  2. It was all so utterly true, they do just bring ppl in to ridcule them and embarass them for everyone to see, and then they set other ppl up to build their careers up, only to throw them to the papparazzi later on so they can rip their careers apart with lies. thank u Dom!! its about time their was an actor as smart and incredibly HILARIOUS as u are!! love u dude, thats all i can say. ;D <3

  3. Purely. AMAZING. I have been waiting SOO long for some smart actor (or any famous person really) to come along and say this to the public!! He understands EVERYTHING!!! gosh, i cant get over it!

    (the rest is above….)

  4. I never saw jimmy kimmel on T.V i just happen 2 run throught one of his videos

    and i gotta admit his realy funny and fun to watch

  5. @Kriszty17 We’re going to throw them to the dogs, we’re going to throw them to the paparazzi

  6. @Superchicka8 becus of the rihanna music video….he needed to be ‘dark’

  7. I actually thought he was like being cocky or rude but now I know he’s just really good at acting haha


  9. @MrTomsmith89 no..? I’m sure most countries in the world got “talent” shows. In sweden we got the same kind of shit..

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