Dog versus Deer ORIGINAL

OUR Dog BUDDY WRESTLES AND PLAYS BALL WITH OUR Infant WHITE TAIL DEER My brother located this deer alone and malnourished when it was a very small infant. My loved ones bottle fed the baby, named Theen until finally he was consuming grass. A number of months later he’s quite socialized with folks, our black lab, and our cats. He is totally free to wander if he likes and we’ve noticed him with numerous herds of whitetail and axis deer. Apparently he matches in just good with them. He often comes back to the home to consume some catfood and play with our puppy, Buddy. He does not treatment much for deer corn. Ellen Degeneres showed this video on her display and internet site on January 22, 2010! Anderson Cooper 360 showed the video on March 30, 2010! This was on the Bonnie Hunt present on March 31, 2010! We produced it to Japan!
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  1. @akmalegmail no then it would be a sport because as they say it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then its a sport

  2. The dog was playing, but I think the deer was serious about defending itself.

  3. The funniest part of this vid is seeing the audience to the right, at the end. The CATS! LOL

  4. What a beautiful little deer (cute dog too)! I hope you don’t have hunters in your area that would hurt him when he is away from your place.

  5. Wont buddy get hurt when the deer grows up and can actually do serious damage with the standing hoof spin punching?

  6. Man, so she is worried when the dog nips at the deer, but doesn’t give a fudge when the deer wrecks the deg. That’s racism. Lol.

  7. For the good folks that fear the dog will eventually kill the deer, you need to watch “Cranbrook Deer”

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