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  1. Imagine combining this season’s (2009-10) goal tally (103) with 2004-05’s points total (95), record (29 wins, 8 draws, 1 loss) and goals conceded (15) + clean sheets (25). All that = perfect season

  2. Yeah! I missthis Chelsea also! Unfortunately this season we don’t play that well! I have to say that the PL title is now far away from us! To finish in top 4 would be a great achievement! And to be honest I could hardly believe that we can compete eg. with Barca in the CL!I hope that this team will improve because this lack of inspiration overcome us! Carlo, please do something with this team to regain the power and hopefully we will rule England and Europe next season! CHELSEA 4life!!!!!

  3. the way i subscribed to ur vids when i saw this was like a reflex action…quality =)

  4. @AzzurroVincerebbero I took it for granted too. But at least we get more excited when Chelsea score and win now right? πŸ™‚ I miss beating Man U, Liverpool, and Arsenal though :/

  5. i think i have just converted to chelsea… their new style is amazing πŸ™‚

  6. oh my gosh i adore chelsea i love drogba who else

    if u do you’re amazing!!!!

  7. I miss this Chelsea so much. Last season, I took this for granted. I wish I hadnt.

  8. Chelsea should play like this in this season right now…what happened to chelsea’s winning mentality???

  9. Follow follow follow John Terry has won the double and the Yids from the lane have won F*ck all again while John Terry has won the double!

  10. Chelsea has so much quality. Notice all these different names making great assists and goals.

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