25 replies on “Bret Hart presents the New WWE Tag Team Championship Belts”

  1. The tag team titles look like crap, just like WWE’s current tag team division.

  2. WWE was the best back at the time. here are some things that the retarted managers have to change:
    WWE championship on raw
    World heavyweight championship on smackdown
    Intercontinental championship on smackdown
    cruiserweight championship (or divas title) on smackdown
    us title on raw
    world tag team titles on raw
    wwe tag team titles on smackdown
    women’s title on raw

  3. @TheHappynot I agree, looks more like giant pennies, I like the old world tag titles and the tag team titles, the ones that were used before on raw and smackdown, the new ones suck

  4. @MrDvg79 I heard they were gonna replace the spinner title for another champiosnhip, so far nothing has hapenned

  5. If you see,when Cole says Bret’s name,Natalya is the first one to smile…

    I love her!

  6. it was way cooler like two years ago,when there were tag champs on raw and smackdown

  7. wow so wtf bret hart is gone from wwe again? i read his contract expired in nov 2010. i mean sure he is older and cant really wrestler but i thought for sure he would stay and do other stuff

  8. those belts look ridiculous, however it feels good seeing Bret in WWE with a belt over his shoulder even if he’s not the holder of them

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