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Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 replies on “Bobby.Lashley.vs.Wes.Sims”

  1. @squiksilvers fuck you you stupid bitch…you wouldnt say that 2 his face you prick…Bobby is mafuckin monsta and when he utilizes his wrestling by takin you down then its ova aint shit you can do

  2. @squiksilvers ve a decirle eso en su cara, sea como sea a ti te pone en tu madre, parado, acostado y sentado.

  3. Bobby.Lashley is gay. se pelea de pie no en el suelo y pegando a traicion negro maricon

  4. 5:00 look at Sims.. i know looks can be deceiving, but Wes looks so out of shape it isn’t even funny. His gut is sagging over his shorts.

  5. @DDPMACKAY no I think Lashley would match up pretty well with Lesnar(more hype than substance)

    allthough he would get destroyed by JDS,Velasquez,Carwin(if he works on his cardio)

  6. Wes Sims is a joke…Bobby is shit put him up agains UFC’s Heavyweights Brock or Cain they will dominate Bobby…

  7. “And two-time professional wrestling champion……”

    Really? i would think that even Lashly wouldnt want them saying that.

  8. honestly wes why do you fight you look so retarded if I ever looked this bad wen I fought I would give it up an hide

  9. haha what bs it said Lashley hit 34/37 (92%) ground strikes…what $hit where they watching he missed like 8 punches in a row. that shows how much they are trying to hype up the kid

  10. “all i can say is 6 foot 8 inches, it doesnt come bigger than that” sure doesnt

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