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  1. (When I say I recommend it, I mean that to anyone reading this comment (it was not directed at you LeCutter as you have already said you had read it.))

    Poor syntax on my part.

  2. While I don’t fully agree with your previous comment, I do agree with what you just said there. I read Vince Lombardi’s biography when i was 12 – some of my darkest years (I lost 4 members of my family in 6 months) – not only did it let me see what was obtainable, but it really hits home truths and morals. I would recommend reading it, whether you are a football fan or not, this is one book to read before you die.

  3. We’re in hell… ELO hell…. But we will get out…. Inch by inch, play by play…

  4. Try reading ‘When Pride Still Mattered’ the biography about Vince Lombardi then come talk to me.

  5. Hello to any of you that like EDM or Trance Check out the song i made using a sample from this speech it would be much appreciated thanks 😉

  6. I watch this 1 hour before the most important test in my life,a military test.
    Every question,every doubt,i remember the inches of this speech.
    Doesn’t realy need to say the result,but i was APPROVED.
    I’m living,I’m wiinnig,and i will die for every inche in my life.

  7. “I don’t know what to say really” more like “I’m gonna blow your shit up with the best speech ever”

  8. I DONT WANNA SHARE BECAUSE THE FUCKING EDITOR DOESNT WORK ON YOUTUBE. 1:21 to 3:41 will not post that way so why offer it?

  9. Is she that ugly that you have to hear a “pep talk” in order to be able to fuck her?

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